“TRIDENT”: (The Arms Race – OR – The Human Race)?

In Norfolk, our local Football Team (in Carrow Road) is known as ‘The Canaries’.

In day’s gone by, miners used to take Canaries down into the pits with them in cages.  If a Canary stopped singing and dropped from it’s perch dead onto the bottom of its cage – the miners all knew they had to keep checking the second and third canaries to see if it was time for them all to get out of the mine, (fast).

Right now, 10% of all species are falling off their perches and dropping dead on the bottom of their cages – and by the end of this 21st Century, 33% of all species are expected to fall off their perches onto the bottom of their ‘cage’.

If this isn’t a huge (global) indication that there’s already something very wrong with the working conditions in our own ‘pit’ – then what is?

(And even worse – where can all the innocent little children run to tomorrow when all the canaries have died – because this is ‘top-side’, not ‘down in the pits’?)

We cannot leave this vast ‘emporium’ of a ‘coal mine’ – there’s nowhere else to run, and hence what affects one, affects us all ‘here in this space and place’.

The effects of nuclear radiation take thousands of years to clear – which means that ALL the leaking nuclear reactors, all the spent nuclear ‘waste’ already dumped into the oceans, ALL the nuclear bombs, (AND all the nuclear tests), have ALL added up to increase levels of nuclear radiation in our places of work and habitation.

When added to ALL the other pollutants that have also been added to all the water, the air, the soil, (and our food), this has already increased our chances of getting some form of cancer from 1:10 to 6:10 over the last forty years.

Everyone – every baby born, every child, every woman – and every man, has a ‘Right To Life’ protected by ‘Law’.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you (ALL) in Westminster – of your duties to ‘us’ (ALL) – out here in ALL the land that surrounds you on all sides, (everywhere), that you are ALL supposed to be protecting our best interests – and not just your own, (and the bankers).

The financial investments placed in the new nuclear Trident war missiles – are supposed to be coming from – where?

Where on Earth do you all think that there is money for new nuclear –when there isn’t even enough money to be able to provide even the basic levels of public services to support the community today in the UK in the first place?

The UK has just been forced to borrow yet another £50Billion from China – just in order to try to get out of the mess that all the bankers created yesterday.

(According to Quaker publications read in 2013), circa £10Billion funds have been allocated for new Trident nuclear missiles.


(And perhaps more to the point – why?)

What on Earth are you all trying to do to us (ALL)?

(And besides – there isn’t enough money left in the bank now is there!?)

The combined global governmental (or ‘national’) figure of debt today is well in excess of US$52.6Trillion – a figure of debt predominately created by all the industrialised nations (that have nuclear power stations and nuclear missiles).

And yet – even knowing that 10% of all species face extinction today and 33% of all species face extinction by the end of this century – and your own country is up to it’s ears in debt, you are STILL pushing forward with proposals – NOT for the support of the creation of ecologically beneficial (and ultimately peaceful) sustainable community living projects such as Eco-Villages – but with proposals for new nuclear war (heads).

Your proposals are themselves in direct conflict with the Geneva Convention, and also:

  1. Fukushima is still bleeding toxic nuclear waste (anyway)
  2. The proposals further contravene the ‘Human Right to Life’ (protected by Law)
  3. Contravene the Reap Report
  4. Contravene the Brundtland Report
  5. Contravene the Earth Charter
    1. Contravene Agenda 21 adopted after issue in Rio in 1992
    2. (And I repeat) – there is no money in your bank account

As there IS NO MONEY in your bank account – because you’ve already been forced to float the bankers out of bankruptcy – because the bankers didn’t have any money in ‘their’ bank account, (and you’ve already sold all the gold reserves), HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU POSSIBLY INVEST CIRCA £10BILLION IN NEW TRIDENT NUCLEAR MISSILES?

The effects of (this) total global economic collapse, were predicted in 2002, by Tony Smith MA, Architect & Lecturer at The College of West Anglia, King’s Lynn, (to students on the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Building Studies, i.e. me).

It was predicted that the bankers would create global economic collapse – because they were lending out far more money than they had.  (And also, if we weren’t careful, after governments around the world had floated their bankers out of bankruptcy, one of the next rounds of proposals may well lead us all into the next ‘world war 3’ – through the nuclear arms race – for ‘power’.)

When I was taught mathematics, (in Heacham Junior School in West Norfolk, and in Beaconsfield C of E Secondary School in Buckinghamshire), we were taught that if there are only four (organic, free-range) eggs in one basket, (whether the basket was hand-made using organic wicker grown ecologically by a craftsperson in the UK – or by a slave employed by a large multi-national conglomerate in a sweatshop in China, Taiwan, Korea, or Japan – or wherever) – it wasn’t possible to hand out, (trade, swap, or even to sell) seven eggs.

There IS only ONE Earth.

We ALL live on Earth – and we all have a right to Earth by Birth-Right.

According to the United Nations, by Spring 2011, global demand levels had reached 140%.

To repeat, there IS only ONE Earth – so how on Earth can you possibly balance your (Tax) accounts books?

You can’t sell seven eggs if there are only four – and you can’t sell 140% of 100% – and, as the whole wretched, dirty, double-dealing, disgusting banking system can’t even add up basic mathematics (due to their greed and corruption) – the whole world is, (as always), currently being forced to pay for it all?

Come on – wake up you lot ‘at the top’ – do your sums.

What are you all intended to do – kill us all with nuclear war, new nuclear Trident missiles, nuclear toxic dumping, nuclear waste, (and the continual bleeding of Fukushima) – plus of course, the nauseous & volatile ‘cocktail’ of petro-chemicals, GM, oil, petrol, diesel, LPG, Fracking, Acid Rain, AND the monotonous monopoly of monolithic mono-agricultural farming (on industrial proportions)?

Of course – we have a ‘Right To Life’ written in law – just the same as we ALL have a right to water written in and protected by ‘the law’ now too, (but realistically – how on Earth are we all supposed to take you all to court on account of your gross Professional Negligence, Murder, and Genocide – when we’re already dead, because you killed us ALL, by your own hands – through lack of access to clean drinking water, + new nuclear wars, nuclear holocaust, nuclear waste spills, oil spills, petrol spills, diesel spills, LPG spills, petro-chemical fertilisers, pesticides, and – to make even more profits, by feeding cows to cows)?

I beg you to take heed of these words – or be held accountable for your inaction.

As I am unable to proceed to take court proceedings against you when you have killed me, I will need to do so before you do – and in this, I have accumulated enough evidence in my lifetime already.

Please be aware that I first started to write (poetry) to raise awareness about the effects of pollution on the natural environment when I was about ten years old in the 1960s – so I have had plenty of years to observe, study, and research since then.

(Plus, I also represent one of the oldest living experts in this subject too – namely Avril Fox, author of ‘The Long Road To Realism’, ‘Testament of a Crone’, ‘The Emerging Ethic’, ‘Common Malaysian Moths’, and not forgetting of course – *GREEN DESIGN, which was co-written with her late son Robin Murrell.)

In fact, Avril and I are the co-designers and founders of non-profit organisations forming ‘Global Ark Projects’ (GAP – NGO) and the Tree Ark Project (TAP) intentional Eco-Village showcase ‘sustainable community living project’ social enterprises.

In (brief) summary:

Global Ark Projects (GAP) was formed to help people to join up together, to fill all the GAPs in the mARKet, to give somewhere a ‘hub’ that people could easily access to find what they needed in order to help them to save money (i.e. this recession) – through the use of all the most practical, sustainable and ecological (ethical) means and innovations, (only) – and which did NOT, (nor would not ever) promote the use of any unsustainable, un-ecological, or life-taking (killing) substances, (or methods).

(N.B.  Our proposals for ‘The Green Economy’ – aka ‘Green ECO-NO-MONEY’ – were invited for submission to MIT Climate CoLab in 2011, by Blindspotting James Greyson, Head of Blind Spot Think Tank, who, like me, is also a member of the Wiser {Earth} online community, as well as MIT Climate CoLab, Facebook, Twitter – and we’re also LinkedIn at LinkedIn too.)

Nowadays, there is NO excuse for ignorance – and, as we were taught on the BTEC HNC in Building Studies anyway, ‘Ignorance is NO Excuse in a Court of Law’ – ergo, if I am supposed to know it all as an (ecological) architectural designer, consultant, and technologist, you are too.

If I can get sued by my clients for (gross) Professional Negligence – IF I fail to fully satisfy the full brief of ‘The Earth Charter’, ‘The Egan Report’, ‘The Brundtland Report’, ’The Reap Report’, ‘Agenda 21’, (as well obviously as sustainability targets set by the United Nations – and even yourselves too – via the UK Planning Guidelines, UK Planning Law, the BRE, and all the Local Authority or ‘Council’ websites – stipulating the need for sustainability and ‘safety’ in all our proposals – either architecturally for individual applications – or indeed, for community applications), then so can you – ALL!

Any or ALL politicans, could be standing in ‘the dock’ in court – charged with being in full breach of their own rules.

Duplicity and double-dealing standards – and the lack of judicial accountability – are in part caused by your own break-down in your own rule-books, that have allowed and enforced ‘the general public’ to follow one set of rules – and provided you (all) with the feeling that you (yourselves), can walk free – regardless of your own crimes.

Crimes Sited:

  • The fraudulent miss-use and false claims of accountancy of expenses claims – paid for from the Tax Payers (i.e. ‘community’) Funds.
  • The proposals for Fracking sites – which contravene all guidelines for sustainability in all proposals
  • The proposals for new nuclear war – for proposals of new nuclear war-heads, missiles and new nuclear power stations (and generators)
  • The fraudulent duplicity of borrowing money against borrowed money (to cover the above – and the bankers own banking frauds)

As previously stated:

The effects of this recession were predicted in 2002 – so why did all the bankers continue to lend out up to 110% after this date?  (AND, why did all the Politicians allow them to do so?)


As ‘ALL the signs’ showed that this recession WAS about to hit us ALL, there clearly HAD to be a change in ALL the proposals formed – i.e. architecturally, the design for the economy is just the same as any other architectural design.  (And the architects of this ‘false’ economy are just as liable to be made accountable for their serious design faults as I am – IF the scales of justice [held by Lady Justice for thousands of years] are applicable to one and all the same and equally.)

There really isn’t any money.

Money is just a token promising to pay the bearer the gold value of the piece of paper that they hold in their hand – ergo, as all the gold reserves were already sold by Gordon Brown (and other politicians) previously – the pieces of paper that promise to pay the bearer are actually null and void.

In terms of proposals for new nuclear Trident war missiles therefore – and in terms of proposals for new nuclear submarines, new tanks, new jet fighter planes, new Duck Houses, new Kitchens, ‘moat cleaning’, (etc. etc.), what is to be used as the exchange currency rate in order to also purchase these articles of war (and toxic nuclear radiation pollutant/s)?

What is the overall costs in terms of all the factors – for all the factories, the nuclear power plants, the lorries, the fuel for the lorries, the staff, the premises, the waste disposal, and all the added securities and insurances needed for the manufacture of the proposed new nuclear Trident missiles?

(And what are the long-term consequences of these proposed actions? – Not within your ‘term of office’ – because within the four year window of your offices structure you aren’t going to see the long-term costs of your own actions, other than by balancing the books by producing [unnecessary] employment by your own proposals – so it just looks good on the books – but it isn’t.)

So the proposals for new Trident would provide lots of new jobs – IF the proposals were accepted – which they are most definitely NOT!

It would create new jobs in the manufacture of all the new nuclear war-heads and missiles, it would create new jobs in the production of all the new forms and documents that would need to be written (and re-written), it would undoubtedly also create new jobs in new nuclear power stations, and it would create new jobs in the staffing levels of all the (nuclear) armed forces, the guards needed for the new nuclear power plants, for the security – and also for the emergency services, etc.

But there IS NO MONEY!!

The world is currently circa US$52.6Trillion in debt already – the UK is currently circa US$2.5Trillion in debt already – so all you are liable to do, (apart from to kill us all by your proposals anyway), quite frankly, is to put us all even further into debt by all that you propose by way of new nuclear Trident missiles.

The financial costs of so doing are at least circa UK£10Billion – but THERE IS NO MONEY!!

So what are you going to do in order to create the funding needed in order to fulfil your proposals?  (Adding the costs to the UK Tax Payer’s costs – which are already paying for your salaries, your offices, your travelling expenses, your administrative staff, your stationary, your computers and equipment, your insurances, your holiday pay, your sickness pay, your pensions, your moats, duck houses, the national guard, and of course, bearing the full brunt of all of Her Majesties costs too – as well as the bankers.)

Come on – time’s up – it’s time for change.  (Councils such as Norfolk County Council already have ‘GAP’s of £189Million over the next three years!)

It doesn’t cost anything like even half this sum for us to build our own affordable eco-homes in our own intentional eco-village (type) carbon neutral ‘sustainable community living projects’.

AND – if we are all able to live in Eco-Villages in an Eco-Village existence, then we won’t (ever) need to make a claim of a single penny (more) of Tax Payers Funding, (because we’ll all be living 100% sustainably and ecologically).

Further – IF we all lived in peace in Eco-Villages – i.e. ‘Imagine Rural Development Initiative’ (IRDI) – then we’ll all be feeding our surplus (green) electricity and bio-gas into the mains too as a networked ‘green grid’, and that will save the world all the investment monies it doesn’t have in the first place.


…—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…  …—…

Yours Sincerely,

Linda Beamish

Eco/Ark-it-ectural Designer/Consultant/Technologist/Social Entrepreneur

Agent:  Representing Avil Fox (Co-Founders Ark Community)

Ambassador: Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI)

Group Moderator:  UK Eco-Village Network (EVNUK)

Email: AnEarthMother@care2.com 

Mobile: (UK +44) 7425278960

*GREEN DESIGN, written by Avril Fox and Robin Murrell, first published in 1989 by Architecture Design and Technology Press London © Copyright Longman Group UK Limited 1989, ISBN: 1 85454 200 1 (N.B.  A CIP catalogue reference for this book is available through the British Library, for reference:  GREEN DESIGN is an essential A-Z reference book on the environmental sustainability of building materials.)


Group Moderator at the UK Eco-Village Network – at www.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ecovillageuk/info

Ambassador: Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI), Imagine Zambia, www.imaginezambia.org














(A Friend of the Earth – aka ‘FoE’, ‘AnEarthMother’ and ‘AnArkAngel’ – for ALL children.)

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly: defend the rights of the poor and needy.”  Proverbs 31:8.9

The above quote is also re-quoted in ‘Voices Against Injustice’ (((VOICES))).  ISBN: 9 781845 502805. © Copyright 2007 Catherine House, Christian Focus Publications.

N.B.  The above was emailed to my local  MP (Keith Simpson), other local MPs, Family, Friends and Community – asking all to forward to MPs in Westminster, all to add to the campaign against yet more nuclear.