Behind the picture postcard – barbarity.

Behind the picture postcard – barbarity..

This has to stop – we cannot be a ‘civilised’ species if we continue the slaughter of our companions here – pointless as it is, there is no justification for the barbaric neanderthals.

All my life I have imploded every single time I have seen these photographs and documentary footage – I have written, I have wept, I have cried a thousand times – WHY – dear God – WHY?

There is NO reason for this – if it’s done to preserve fish stocks, then I suggest that instead of the annual massacre of dolphins (and seals), that humans instead stop flushing chemicals down their toilets and out to sea – and they stop over-fishing, and filling the sea with nuclear toxicity too.

(Because if they don’t – there won’t be any more dolphins, there won’t be any more fish, there won’t be any more seals, there won’t be any more plankton, there won’t be any more turtles – or coral – and there won’t be any more children either because of it.)

We are part of an ecological system – dependent upon one another like bricks – and without the foundations of life – there cannot be any forms..