LinkedIn as Linda Beamish, I write and blog as an Earth mother, ‘AnEarthMother’.

Born in the late 1950s, I was originally taught by my own Earth mother and father to love & care for the natural world about me.
By trade, I’m an Eco (architectural) Designer & Consultant. (Freelance, I work from home on a self-employed basis.)
As an Eco-Design Consultant my aim is Build Code 6 (+), and my client-base requires that I provide them with “The Best” Ethical Ecological designs available.
Home is rural, (isolated), where I live alone with my three children.
I’m also a social entrepreneur, an Ambassador for Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI) in Zambia, and a Group Moderator at the UK Eco-Village Network.

I formed a showcase sustainable community ‘Living Project’ – to help provide affordable Eco-Homes for sustainable communities in East Anglia (& beyond).

There wasn’t any seed-fund money for the founders of sustainable communities, (or Eco-Villages), so I formed an income generator to fill the GAP. (Global Ark Projects, which, via the Ark Directory, designed to show everyone all ‘the best’ of everything. A NET-profit-4-NON-profit RE-distributor – with especial priority placed in the seed funding for affordable Eco-Homes & sustainable communities/Eco-Villages, wherever there is need.)
As an Eco-Design consultant, ‘The Best’ replicable solutions I’ve found to balance our world Economically & Ecologically are: Permaculture, Eco-Villages, Eco-Hamlets, One Village, & Eco-Tourism (participatory & paying).
As AnEarthMother, I am fullfilling the destiny which my own taught me from the beginning. (And my own lifetime’s peaceful campaign against the effects of all forms of pollution – and corruption.)

http://www.Wiser.org/group/Ark (NET-profit-4-NON-profit REdistributor) – A Social Enterprise
http://www.TheTreeArkProject.org (website now lost) – Eco-Village ‘Showcase’ community (land-less)
http://www.AnEarthMother.com (I think this website is also now lost)



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