(Taxpayers have the right to know)

Should the Taxpayers’ funds have been used to pay for the bankers errors – when it was the Taxpayers’ own funds deposited for safety in the banks that were used by the bankers to make that error (of loss) in the first place?


The cause and the effects of the (forthcoming) recession were known in 2002, in fact, the subject was taught to professional students on CPD on the 2001-2002 academic course year of the EDEXCEL BTEC HNC in Building Studies.

At the time, the economy was positively booming – and that was the problem.

As explained in the lectures given by (Ecotect) Anthony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer at The College of West Anglia, there was something seriously wrong with the architectural design for an economical system that went from positively blooming to bust overnight, (repeatedly).

The property bubble inflated by the bankers and the stock market would be burst – for the (very) last time – by the second wave of the recession.

At the time, bankers were lending money hand-over-fist as if there was no tomorrow – as if they had all the money in the world at their disposal to do so, (but when, in reality, the only money the bankers really had, was all the money deposited and saved by the Taxpayers).

Using the UK in example first, Tony Smith prophesised that the government would, (in all probability), use everything at their disposal to bail out the bankers, (however, looking at the figures, it clearly should not).

The level of debt only started in the UK at around the time of the First World War – but it grew dramatically in the 1980s leading into the last recession of the early 1990s – and little had been repaid since.

Since the mountain of debt stood (still) since the last recession, the level of debt created by the bankers in the new recession would just add to it.

Worse still, looking at the figures, if the UK government used the Taxpayers’ (own) funds to bail out the bankers, it would leave the UK government with an insufficient funding dilemma – because there simply wouldn’t be enough money left in the bank to cover the cost of running the country or the welfare state.

There were already (far) too many people living in poverty in Britain anyway at the time – the gap between rich and poor was widening exponentially – and sweeping the figures of excluded groups under the rug in Westminster only hid the (very) real problem the UK had in terms of breaches in Human Rights Law.

Since the end of WWII, the UK government (and most other nations) had accepted the terms of the Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Bill of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, and adopted Agenda 21, they would stand in breach of the human rights provided to citizens – as these rights could not be protected – if the Taxpayers’ funds were used to bail out the bankers.

Everyone has the right to Justice – but not everyone has the right to Justice – in fact, people now just have ICE instead, (the Independent Case Examiners, ICE).

Everyone has the right to free medical healthcare (including dentistry) – but not everyone who needs it actually has access to either.

The list was endless – in fact, (silently), the UK government has removed Human Rights – even before the second wave of recession hits.

The lectures gave insight into a very disturbing future – for everyone.

The questions remained – why should the UK (or any other) government, simply continue to bail out the bankers (when the bankers themselves were professionally responsible for their own architectural design economically) – why weren’t the bankers themselves held accountable?

Knowing the future – knowing full well that recession was imminent (from the 2002 lectures) – shouldn’t the bankers themselves also have been aware of their own accounting errors, (of the trouble they would bring to the world if they continued to over-sell debt)?

Certainly, in terms of the law, it is against the law to provide false advice – for example, knowing that recession is imminent, ALL the banks’ staff (and all other financial advisers), broke the law from 2002 onwards – because instead of advising Taxpayers to take on (more) debts to buy (even) more property, they should have been advised NOT to, because recession was imminent.

(But then, perhaps the bankers had an alternative ‘game’ plan.)

In any event, by the time that the government had used all the nation’s assets to bail out the bankers, central government would be forced to make cuts.

The cuts were predicted to effect the poorest people in the country, people without rights, (people living in exclusion), first and foremost, (because it was predicted that – due to continued prejudice – central government’s axe would chop the rate at which benefits were paid).

Wages (and low-income top-ups) weren’t being kept in line with inflation.

Booming property (and land) values were preventing far too many people from buying their own homes, and, (due to the fact that there was a serious shortfall in available affordable housing), far too many people were forced to rent housing.

As the cost of renting property continued to rise in line with the costs of the landlords’ buy-to-let mortgage repayments, far too many people needed to claim housing benefits, (from their Local Government departments).

The poor rental tenants forced to live in ‘unaffordable’ (and often unsocial) housing, would be made poorer by central and local government cuts, and while people in excluded groups were usually relied on charities and non-profit organisations, central government cuts to grants paid to the non-profit sector were also expected to reduce the level of support people living in the UK.

Cuts were also expected to cut even further back on the NHS, free Education (to the level of grants provided), Libraries, Emergency Services, (including the Fire Brigade and police services), and (free) Legal Aid, (already cut to many in the recession of the early 1990s, at the inception of the CSA.

People’s rights – protected by law since UK law adopted Human Rights Laws – would be breached by central government’s cuts, (as just one of the effects of the recession), and as prejudice against people forced to endure poverty continued at the highest levels, central government’s cuts to balance the national debts would create huge increase to levels of poverty and child poverty.

Unemployment levels would rise, (especially in rural areas), and in parallel line with rising sea levels.

It was predicted that the bankers would go on to do continue with their ‘business as usual’ – with continuing to sell debt as a prime commodity – which would soon lead the world into the second save of recession.

Besides which, it would not be possible to simply build back out of the predicted recession as with all previous recessions anyway – because there simply weren’t enough global resources left. (Students on the EDEXCEL BTEC HNC in Building Studies were also taught of the need for their work to achieve the highest possible standards and to aim for the highest possible achievable targets for sustainable construction, to be built to code Level 6+ GREEN Build targets).


In terms of rebalancing the national economy – and the natural ecology – and to reduce poverty, (without reduction in human rights), there were ecological architectural designs already proven autonomous and viable, (to build code Level 6+), which particularly helped the environment (all round), and which set (important) planning precedent.

So-called ‘affordable’ housing – even provided by Housing Associations and Housing Trusts – wasn’t, (at least not without Housing Benefits paid, or axed), and Tony Smith foresaw a self-build D.I.Y. (truly affordable and sustainable) eco-build revolution.

People don’t all want to rent (unaffordable) housing or claim housing benefits – they do so because there is often no other alternative.

There is no truly ‘affordable’ housing – but there easily could be – to build code Level 6+.

One of the examples of sustainable design referred to in the lecture room at the time was that of CAT Eco-Village, (the Centre for Alternative Technology), Canolfan y Dechnoleg Amgen in Wales.

Students were advised to further research the CAT website on and to use this, as the basis for further research, and for inspiration for their own designs to achieve the highest possible and achievable design and build standards, to build code Level 6+ (**I.E. GREEN DESIGN).

The biggest problem – in terms of truly affordable and sustainable housing solutions – was ‘The Land’, (or rather, the lack of availability of ‘The Land’).

The second any land (anywhere) was considered potential development land – the cost to buy shot through the roof – preventing any (truly) affordable homes.

Land for building was at premium rate – with house prices still held up by the banking bailout – and with profits on property development and redevelopment still expected to fill the banks to repay the deficit of the bankers own loans.


To achieve the highest possible design and build practices, designers needed to consider not only the construction of the building itself and the level of energy embedded in the construction materials specified, but the environment, local needs, and the practical use of alternative technologies.

In example, water would become ‘the new oil’, and designers needed to specify alternatives to the aerobic Victorian toilet systems invariably installed.

This was especially pertinent in areas of known and predicted flood risk zones.

Vented sewage systems allowed flood water to access the system, flushing raw sewage into flood waters, polluting local homes, offices, shops, restaurants, and all in it’s wake.

The specification of ecological toilet systems with anaerobic digesters could easily negate the problems in flood risk areas, and with biogas plant equipment also installed, could easily also provide families and communities with free electricity as well as with biogas for cooking and heating.

Designers needed to research to find as many alternative technologies as possible, offering truly sustainable design solutions, harnessing the power of the sun, wind, waves, (tidal currents), geothermal heat sources, reverse refrigeration, and kinetic energy.

However, there was a problem, (primarily caused because the banks had invested so much money in the oil cartels and the fossil fuel industry, fracking, nuclear power, nuclear arms, and included the car manufacturing industries).


Although it wasn’t quoted in the 2002 lectures, the previous year, a huge amount of research on the bankers’ Central Bank, (the Bank for International Settlements, the BIS, or “the BIZ”), was collated in readiness for the GREEN Party’s economics group mini-conference (held in Manchester), as shown listed on the (not-for-profit) website.

As quoted on the Bilderberg website on – the BIS “… controls most of the transferrable money in the world. It uses that money to draw national governments into debt for the IMF”. (The BIS laundered money looted by the Nazis in WWII, in fact, Adolf Hitler himself previously helmed the BIS.)

So, in effect, it was not a banking error, so much as a banking aim.

In effect, by long term futures (market) planning of the rotten (Nazi) core central to the banks own integral aims, even though the Nazis themselves lost WWII, they went on to win the world anyway economically, (or at least they will, if people aren’t made aware of this information and remove the power the bankers have over the world today).

Realistically, someone, (somewhere), should have stopped the global debt clock from ticking (like the time bomb it is today).

In 2002, the total combined global governmental figure of debt stood in the region of US$22Trillions – almost tripled, today fast approaching US$60Trillions – rising incrementally at the rate of circa US$100,000 per second, (still), according to the global debt clock of The Economist online.

No matter what anyone ‘at the top’ may say that recession is over – it isn’t.

IF the governments used the Taxpayers’ funds and all other national assets at their disposal to bail out the bankers, when the second wave of recession hit, it would leave governments all over the world in crisis – and the bankers holding all the Title Deeds to all the land and property in the world, (to everything and everyone).


The Nazis, (and Narcissists), never had any compassion nor conscience.

Title Deeds to land and property, (as owned freehold by the Taxpayers), invariably have clauses written (in very small print), stating that in certain instances, such as default on repayments, or war, the banks (or the government) could repossess the property.

It was predicted that when the second wave of recession hit, it could well lead to WWIII, (as one of the ways in which national assets could be increased, is to invade other nations and seize theirs, killing all who stood in their way).

The second wave of recession would either allow the bankers to win the world ‘game’ of Monopoly, or it would (finally) free the people from their enslavement.

Either way, the second wave of recession would leave all governments in crisis, with no funds left to bail out the bankers again, or to protect their citizens from the worst effects of climate change.

If the world had learned anything from WWII, then it would not lead into WWIII, but instead, it would lead into the protection of the Human Rights provided for the people since WWIII.

Alternative, inclusive, sustainable and ethical design solutions, following the guidelines written for world peace and for the protection of humanity, (including the Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Bill of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, Agenda 21, and Constitutional Law), were vital.

The bankers should not be allowed to decide who lives and who dies – which companies survive recessions, (and which don’t) – the bankers are not God, (nor even at their central core, Good).

There is neither equality nor Human Rights, (these are just words printed on rectangular pieces of paper), and all the Taxpayers in the world have the right to know, (this situation could easily have been avoided, alternative solutions were already proven viable globally, and not-for-profit).

The scales of justice are currently hanging upside down, waving in the breeze, (apparently Lady Justice just left the building).

IF (true) Justice is divine, then now it is truly ‘REVELATIONS’ time!


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