Unblock – Legal Aid Protest 2013 – Norwich

Legal Aid Protest Norwich 2013 JPEG.001

My daughter (Izzy) and I went to protest against the Conservative Government cuts to Legal Aid, at an Unblock protest organised in Norwich early in October 2013, and where I was interviewed by Roger Blackwell representing the News Line newspaper, at which in interview, as I stated at the time:

“I’m here because I don’t get any legal aid.”

“My children and I were unfortunately mis-sold faulty vehicle for the launch of our social enterprise.”

“We ended up taking the first stage of our journey, which was going to be an expedition and exhibition tour promoting the Eco-Village Network UK, Permaculture, Open Source Ecology, and other non-profit making organisations.”  (N.B.  See below.)

“We ended up in a field near Wells-Next-The-Sea for eight months with no legal aid, no protection against freezing sub-zero temperatures without any form of heating with no mains electricity or no access to a bath or laundry.”

“We’d been waiting for UK Trading Standards to take some form of action on our part which they didn’t.”

“In December they said we’d got enough evidence to take them to court but you don’t get any legal aid.”

“The suppliers had taken our money for a vehicle which was faulty.  We couldn’t launch our social enterprises as we had intended.  We have no protection against them.  We have no justice unless we can get free pro bono help from a Barrister or trainee Barrister.”

“These cuts were predicted by The College we attended who (in 2002) said after the recession there would be a housing crisis, there would be child poverty and cutbacks in public services like the NHS, there would be a housing crisis, there would be more people homeless and everything which we see today.”

I have just edited the original photograph used in the News Line report, Roger Blackwell mis-quoted the Eco-Village Network UK, so I added text and relevant links to the original PDF page, (plus, the large N looked a bit rude next to the word cuts, and hence I stuck a Swastika graphic over it – and N does stand for the words ‘Nazis’ and ‘Narcissists’ after all, as, according to at least one report written by Kitty Jones (shared via Diggers350), the Tories are following the Nazi tradition, i.e. Loss of Human Rights, Consumer Rights and Civil Rights, “incentivising behaviour change” to ensure that poor people who don’t have any money to live on are punished out of their poverty.

Punishing the poor for being poor – even when they are only made poor by the same Government that made them all poor in the first place – by their own greed.  (I.E.  Conservatives in North Norfolk want a 23% pay rise in 2016, at the Taxpayers expense.)

N.B.  Talking of which, I have been prevented from earning my income as anticipated for four-and-a-half years now, due to the crime/s against us, (detailed in the above report and An ARK Angel Account, as linked below) – and, as a poor person (with poor children at the time too), was punished for the crime of poverty as the victims of the crime in the first place – because the UK Government removed ALL access free legal aid, blocking the roads to Justice!

Please also refer to:

An ARK Angel Account

State-regulated cryptocurrency and micro-managing people claiming welfare

The Bank for International Settlements

The Eco-Village Network UK (EVNUK)

(Will add to this report later.)


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