Gagging – LAW?

Why should I be ‘GAGGED’ anyway?

(Has the blindfold slipped?)

I oppose the UK government’s new gagging law restricting me from criticising the UK Government – and ask for justice – especially as a ‘lady’ (aka ‘Woman’) representative for ‘Lady Justice’.

If ‘they’ take me to court because of this – it will help me to raise the Ark to help everyone else living in poverty anyway – and if I get shot or have a nasty accident, you’ll know who did it to me now won’t you!  (And the same is also true if this should happen – yet again – to my husband on the other side of the world when I try to raise awareness to our plight here in the UK.)

I’m fed-up of being silenced and imprisoned anyway – albeit a prison made of poverty – and not one forged of rigid metal bars.

To begin with, the Prime Minister David Cameron was wrong when he said that the effects of the recession could not have been anticipated – it was, in 2002, on the BTEC HNC in Building Studies at The College of West Anglia in King’s Lynn, where we were first warned of the predicted effects of this recession – and were also told that the predicted effects of climate change would no longer be merely predictions too.

Those of us lucky enough to be taught by Tony Smith MA, Architect and Lecturer, had years to get ahead of the UK Government – and all the bankers too!

(In fact, all the Bankers also had a perfectly adequate time frame to ‘do something’ to prevent all this debt, poverty, and misery too – but they didn’t.)

We ALL knew that the recession was hurtling towards us – like a giant tsunami wave.

So, not only was the PM wrong – but this whole can of worms was already laid bare and completely predictable – albeit perhaps not in the halls of Eton for all the little boys, or in the great halls of Westminster, where-in sat all those little boys with their long trousers ‘playing at politics’ in their playground under the watchtower, (I dare say ‘booing and hissing’ at one another in a very adult fashion)!

So the PM is wrong – and he gagged me so I couldn’t tell you!  (And this I defy!)

Ian Duncan-Smith and George Osborne are also wrong too – because the worst figure people are currently forced to live on in the UK today, is not £53 per week, but actually £6 per week for three adults.

(And yes – I can prove this too! – And will later – in a civil court of law or any other court in any land, anywhere.)

In 2013, I received a letter from HMRC, ‘Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs officers, awarding me just £51.59 per week – for myself, my eldest son and my youngest daughter to live on (per week).

From the figure of £51.59 awarded to me, I was supposed to pay circa £20 for the Broadland Housing Association’s rent, and NNDC Council Tax per week, due to the shortfall in Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits awarded to me by North Norfolk District Council (NNDC), I was also supposed to pay out circa £15 per week for the electricity, and approximately £10 per week for water and sewage costs, leaving just circa £7 per week for myself, my son and my daughter to live on, (having been awarded a level 2 housing crisis status, and later awarded this Broadland Housing Association House –which forbids me from working from home or using the address for business under the terms of tenure).

And, because I couldn’t immediately see how I could also manage to pay the rent arrears that had accumulated by the time I received the ‘award’ from NNDC, (especially as I wasn’t allowed to work from home under the terms of tenure), Broadland Housing Association/Group started to threaten me with eviction notices, (after my children and I had just been awarded this ‘social housing’ tenure).

Can Ian Duncan-Smith or George Osborne MPs manage drop down from their comfortable salaries of £60,000 per annum (plus £10k annual pay rises) to live on just £7 per week with two dependents?

(I think not!)

It really isn’t possible for three people to live on just £7 per week in the UK in the 21st Century is it – or at least, not when living in housing that is completely unsustainable, when it’s 2.5 miles to the nearest bus stop or shop.

And as for Lord Freud MP saying that ‘all self-employed single parents and sickness claimants live in comfort on a few hundred quid income per annum – without taking any risks’ (in 2012) – he too, is far from accurate in his assumption.

Because that’s all these rich and pompous egotistical men are doing – making assumptions – based on absolutely NO qualifications in the subject of poverty whatsoever.

When Lord Freud MP was saying that we all lived in comfort – my children and I were at the time stuck on a field in North Norfolk.

We had no mains electricity, we had no way of easily accessing either a shower or a bath, (or laundry facilities), and we had no form of internal heating for most of the sub-zero temperatures during ‘the winter of our discontent’ 2012/2013 – having, (during 2011-2012), invested (risked) almost all the small family legacy we inherited, into all the vehicles and equipment we could afford to purchase, in order to (finally) launch our Ark’s fleet of social enterprises, (which were after all – originally designed specifically BECAUSE the effects of this recession and the effects of flooding WERE actually predicted in 2002 by our lecturer).

So Lord Freud MP is wrong – and the only comfort we had (while reading his ridiculous words) – was very ‘cold comfort’ indeed!

My children and I risked almost all that we had in all the equipment we could afford to diversify my rural design practice away from traditional architectural design, with the (final) launch of our Ark social enterprises – designed to showcase and to broadcast, (via ‘Mobile Rural Broadband’), the work of the UK Eco-Village (Network), as a mobile Eco-Village broadcasting unit.

Contrary to Lord Freud MP’s ridiculous blanket statement that ‘ALL self-employed single parents and sickness claimants live in comfort on a few hundred quid income and DON’T TAKE ANY RISKS’, I’m here to let everyone know that Lord Freud MP was WRONG.

So, Lord Freud MP was wrong, IDS was wrong, George Osborne was wrong, and the PM David Cameron was wrong too.

And they can all take me to court for saying this too! – Because it might actually help my case if they do so, especially as I don’t have the £1200 needed to prove this anyway, in our claim for damages against the fraudulent ‘rogue trader’ who robbed us of £13,215.00 for false promises made about the brand new 100% gas propelled V8 4.6 litre engine he promised us.

Chris Crane, the proprietor of RPi Engineering, RPi International, V8 Engines dot com, and ‘Gas Refill’, (who also has an online EBay shop and his own YouTube Channel), lied.

Pre-sales, Chris Crane said he was supplying us with a brand new, technologically advanced 100% gas propelled V8 engine – which he said was NOT a converted petrol engine.

In fact, he was so sure of the engine that he specialised in – that the vehicle in which it was supplied, was supplied without any petrol tank fitted.

Chris Crane said that unlike all converted petrol engines, the engines his company supplied, were specifically designed and engineered to run 100% on gas from new.

(But he lied!)

He also said that the brand new 100% gas propelled V8 engine that his company supplied would be good for at least 200,000 miles – and he lied in that too – because it only lasted just six weeks.

Chris Crane also lied about the fuel consumption – claiming a ridiculously low fuel economy of just the equivalent of a petrol engine running at circa 40MPG – which for a V8 4.6 litre engine, as you might imagine – was one heck of a claim to make, (and it also proved, like everything else he said), to be a downright lie too.

In fact, the 100% gas propelled V8 4.6 litre engine cost circa 273% more to run than quoted pre-sales, (when it actually ran at all).

Plus, pre-sales, Chris Crane also quoted that the V8 4.6 litre engine had so much ‘torque’ that it could virtually tow our three tonne American Prowler caravan over the Pennine Hills in it’s sleep – which was yet another downright lie too.

In fact, the engine supplied by these self-appointed ‘V8 Wizards’ – was nothing more than a cloud of lies – and oil smoke.

So yes, we can absolutely and positively prove that the UK Government was completely wrong in it’s assessment of the banking crisis – and of their assessment and inactivity regarding all the flood damages seen today.

We knew that there would be a housing crisis – we knew that millions of people across the UK would be affected by the housing crisis – and that thousands more would be made homeless by the flooding.

We knew that the UK Government would be in a financial crisis point – and we anticipated that the UK Government would borrow even more money to float all the bankers out of the financial crisis that they’d created.

So why haven’t we said anything before now?

(We did.)

In fact, I’ve been Twittering away for years now – I’ve been spreading the word across the faces @FaceBook, and sharing information with professionals @LinkedIn, I’ve been writing and sharing articles and blogs at as many networking sites as possible, i.e. @WordPress @NewsVine @MySpace as well as @Wiser (Earth) Organisation, @MIT Climate CoLab, @YouTube @SlideShare @MySpace and have profiles @Care2 @Google+

I also have at all my websites including: and (plus until I lost it due to the RPi RiP OFF fraud), a fraud by which I also lost and many other websites and domains.

In fact, I only earned just £700 gross in the 2012-2013 Tax Year – after investing circa £40k into all the equipment purchased to diversify my rurally isolated (eco-architectural) design consultancy with the (intended) launch of our Ark (fleet) of social enterprises.

So with losses circa £39,000 due to the RPi RiP OFF, (after being gagged by the land-owners of the field we were stuck on for eight months), after being forced to walk a two mile round trip each day for drinking water for one week in February 2013 (by the same land-owners), and now being gagged by the UK government – I challenge one and all to take me to court for speaking out.

(How Very Dare They!?!)

After all’s said and done, I had full duty of care and full financial responsibility for my children – who were also robbed in both the RPi RiP OFF – and the UK Government’s (and Bankers Right Royal RiP OFF too).

As I said above, my husband keeps on being attacked on the other side of the world every time I dare to open my mouth too – so if either he gets attacked (yet again), or if I end up in prison, (or get murdered or attacked in the UK), you’ll all now know why, (won’t you)!

(First Serial Rights)

Linda Beamish

Ambassador: Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI)

Group Moderator: UK Eco-Village Network

(Rural Peasant [“NFN”], ‘AnEarthMother’ & ‘AnArkAngel’)

Self-employed/Freelance: rurally isolated single ‘mum’ @Grassroots

(Eco-Ethical) Architectural/ARK-IT-ectural Designer/Consultant & Technologist (Blog)

Designer & Co-Founder of the Tree Ark Project (TAP) intentional Eco-Village showcase community:-

Agent: representing GREEN DESIGN Author Avril Fox.  (I.E.  GREEN DESIGN by Avril Fox and Robin Murrell, Architecture Design and Technology Press London, © Copyright Longman Group UK Limited, ISBN: 1 85454 200 1).  A CIP catalogue reference for this book is available through the British Library.

‘GREEN DESIGN’ is an essential A-Z  ‘Guide to the Environmental Impact of Building Materials’, (highly recommended for architects, architectural designers, technologists, clients, students in this subject – and all leading MPs).

N.B.  I have Avril’s autobiography ‘The Long Road To Realism’ for sale to publishers – if any of you are interested.  (Obviously I couldn’t get out to meet you all in person in 2012-2013 as anticipated on our travels in the purple LWB Land Rover Defender 110 with the GREEN DESIGN V8 4.6 litre engine as the wretched thing didn’t work.)

Plus, I also have Avril’s edited version of ‘The Emerging Ethic’ too – edited with notes written by Avril at the age of 92.  (N.B.  Avril is now 96 years of age and has suffered from a stroke – hence no longer wishes to face the cameras, and hence also requested myself and other close friends and family to represent her best wishes to you all.)

Email:  – Mobile: (UK +44) 7551658290

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”  Proverbs 31:8.9 (((VOICES))) – ‘VOICES AGAINST INJUSTICE’ – Catherine House (© 2007) Christian Focus Publications, ISBN: 9 781845 502805.

N.B.  If anyone would like to invest (time or money) in our Ark’s NPD proposals, or might be interested in either ‘The Long Road To Realism’ or ‘The Emerging Ethic’ by Avril Fox – please contact me via: Email:  – Mobile: (UK +44) 7551658290

Please note that, (between us), we have a perfectly viable proposal for ‘The Green Economy’ that was even invited for submission to MIT Climate CoLab in 2011, by ‘Blindspotting’ James Greyson, Head of Blind Spot Think Tank (social enterprise), also of Wiser (Earth) online community, and MIT Climate CoLab.

Between us all, we’ve done all the work so that you don’t have to.

Our aim was to help people to get out of the ‘poverty trap’ (which we understood all too well ourselves in the first place), by allowing everyone who wanted to, the opportunity they needed to build their own affordable Eco-Homes in their own Eco-Village (type) ‘carbon neutral’ sustainable communities, thus allowing people the opportunity they needed to break free of the poverty they were forced to dwell in by their Government’s cuts – by flooding – and rising costs of living.

In this way, the UK Government itself stood to save circa £Billions per annum – and we stood the opportunity to charge that Government a percentage of the savings provided to them – (((the UK Eco-Village Network)))

(But in order for this to be allowed to happen – first, we need ‘The Land’… I.E.  Chapter 7/TLIO ‘The Land Is Ours’, ‘The Land’ magazine – by Simon Fairlie.)

(((Diggers 350 + Diggers & Dreamers)))

((((Imagine – Rural Development Initiative – IRDI))))

N.B.  If it works in Zambia – it will work in the UK too!  (In fact, good Ecological Design works everywhere for everyone inclusively – not exclusively.)

Please see our proposals for the ‘Ark in the pArk’ Eco-Festival fund raising event (online via the aforementioned websites), as proposed in 2012 for more information of how we intended to help raise seed and float funds for affordable Eco-Homes, for intentional Eco-Village (type) sustainable community ‘living’ projects, Permaculture, Open Source Ecology (OSE), and all other non-profit organisations.  (Thanks.)

‘IT is long overdue time for change’Image


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