Gagging – LAW?

First Serial Rights!



Why should I be ‘GAGGED’ anyway?

(Has the blindfold slipped?)


I oppose the UK government’s new gagging law restricting me from criticising the UK Government – and ask for justice – especially as a ‘lady’ (aka ‘Woman’) representative for ‘Lady Justice’.


If ‘they’ take me to court because of this – it will help me to raise the Ark to help everyone else living in poverty anyway – and if I get shot or have a nasty accident, you’ll know who did it to me now won’t you!  (And the same is also true if this should happen – yet again – to my husband on the other side of the world when I try to raise awareness to our plight here in the UK.)


I’m fed-up of being silenced and imprisoned anyway – albeit a prison made of poverty – and not one forged of…

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