RPi RiP Off (video evidence) The Saga Continues, (Part 2).

This film documentary footage was recorded the day after RPi Engineering had the Land Rover 110 back in their workshops for three weeks to repair all their faults.

As clearly shown here – even their own mechanic was unable to unlock the front passenger door lock – which, according to proprietor Chris Crane, had, (along with all the other door locks), been replaced with new fittings, and tested to work at least 50+ times in their workshops.

As you yourselves can clearly see as shown here in the evidence – it wasn’t possible to either lock or unlock the doors properly – and this in turn gave rise to a huge security problem as well as an access problem, because IF anyone wanted to steal the vehicle, the doors that didn’t lock properly would have meant that any insurance claim for to cover the theft would be dismissed by the Co-Op insurance company we paid to insure this vehicle, and we’d have been left without a vehicle we paid £13,215 to spearhead the launch of our social enterprise, and we’d also have been left without any way of claiming against the insurers for this loss too.

Surely to goodness, it’s a fundamental basic for a £13k motor to be locked and unlocked successfully!

(Especially when the suppliers themselves knew from the outset that the vehicle was intended for use as an expedition and exhibition vehicle – and would be carrying numerous laptops, LED Projector, projector screen, mobile WiBE 3G Router, Digital Cameras, tripod, books, and camping equipment.)

If we’d been forced to leave the doors unlocked, we wouldn’t just have lost the £13k cost of purchasing this vehicle – we’d also have lost circa £7000 worth of equipment – making it a huge find for any robber, and a huge risk for us, (so big that we really couldn’t risk using it for the purpose for which it was intended for purchase in the first place).

(The Saga continues!!)


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