published my article, inspired by my full report: ‘Earth: Financial or Life Asset?”: 

Sadly it appears that few Heads of Nations can actually deliver the response needed to fully meet the needs of our global community. Twenty years ago, the United Nations met in Rio and most Heads of Nations agreed to adopt Agenda 21 as their Blue-Print for design in the 21st Century.This long and detailed document was then broken down and diluted to form Planning Guidelines for designers like me to follow. Ultimately, the aim was to focus on reducing demand on diminishing global resources – and to produce sustainable designs for total inclusion.

Had this been achieved?  maybe 22,000 innocent little children around the world would not still be dying each day simply because they had no money, no water, no food, no healthcare and no sanitation. Effectively, since Rio twenty years ago – just using today’s figures of needless child mortality, we can see that at least one hundred and sixty million, six hundred thousand children have died needlessly.

As we stand, 10% of all species face extinction today – and 33% of all species face extinction by the turn of the century.

And the world has no money!!!  (A situation predicted by our lecturer in 2003.)

The UK, USA & Europe are often said to be the richest nations on Earth. One look at the ‘Global Debt Clock’ of the Economist – shows that these countries are actually the most indebted! -Click here

In fact, it’s one of the few maps where countries in Africa can be seen as green & healthy in comparison.The reality is, that there are a few individuals who own the most money in the world – and that most of these live ‘In the West’.

I person in the West owns 1/6th of Earth’s inhabitable carpet… Click here

Owning Earth’s carpet of land & mineral deposits such as gold and the liquid gold of the fossil fuel ‘oil’, led this handful of people to become the richest people on Earth.We can see the human species in the shape of a pyramid like that shown on the back of a US$1 bill – with the richest people on Earth in the top sector, ruling the rest of humanity.Beneath them are their governments, and banks – and the biggest wheels of industry, earning the most profits – & paying the most taxes back to their Rulers. Underneath those (lethally) rich and aspiring ‘corporations’ – lie the bulk, mass & breadth of the population of our great & vast global village community.Right at the bottom of the Pyramid of humanity, lie the most vulnerable people on Earth.

According to the predictions of our global village’s Tribal Elders & Shaman – 2012 has always been seen as the end of our darkness…

A Shaman presenting the Mayan Prophecy, (@ Eastern Synergy), explained that the Mayan’s had many calendars – and accordingly saw Earth’s time as being formed of eras, each being 1/22nd (?) of the preceding.  According to the Mayan Calendar & calculations, 2012 was the year in which the current Human era ended.- Click here for Maya Calendar

When asked, he explained through analogy, that where once we might have wanted to eat ‘an apple’ – gone to the pantry, opened the polythene bag & removed the apple to eat.. From this year forth, when we think of the apple we wish to eat – it would be in our hand.

In order to change – to evolve (& ‘Grow Up’) – we have to be allowed to change.

Neil Walton (Survival expert & teacher), once said that an Evolutionary turn had to be 180 degrees – simply because a Revolution was 360 degrees – and bought you straight back round to where you started.

If we use the symbol of the ‘Illuminati’, (being a Pyramid with the eyeball in it’s top section – as seen on the reverse of the US$1 ‘bill’), and simply turn it upon it’s head – maybe we will finally be what we need to be, in order to make the evolutionary adjustments we need to survive Earth’s ever-changing environment.

 Maybe also, we will finally reclaim the third eye… Allowing us all to ‘Wake-Up’.

2012 – the year ‘we’ finally realized that we cannot eat gold, or money, or fossil fuels.. But we can actually eat ‘an apple’ – so long as its not a Mac..!



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