Latest from Windsor Diggers

Latest from Windsor Diggers.

2012 AD – Time for change!!

All the human rights Agenda’s & Charters have been written (& many even supposedly ‘adopted’ – even by the UK!!

Sadly, when they all flew back home from Rio 20 years ago – they forgot they’d need to change the ridiculous medieval UK Justice Department, so we’re sandwiched between knowing what we should do to live sustainably (ethically) – and the laws of the land which forbid us from doing so.

According to Wikipedia – 5000 ‘Land I/Enclosures Acts’ were created in the UK during the 100 odd years known as ‘The Industrial Revolution’.

Before that for 600 odd years, the land had systematically been stolen from ‘The Common People’ – often by citing widows inheriting their husband’s land as “Witches”.

These poor ladies where subjected to physical torture, ‘dunking’ and burned live at the stake.

Their inherited lands were then inherited in turn by their accuser/the church that cited them as “Witches”.

(As were their orphaned children.. And we all know what happened then…)

And what had all those Witches actually been guilty of? – Caring about the land – and knowing which herbs healed people – and which killed them?

So Ecology itself was a crime.. The UK Laws haven’t been changed – and there’s no allowance for human rights, unless you happen to own the world.

(Or at least 1/6th of it’s green and lush, fertile carpet.. And how did that one person get to own so much of the land .?. Ah yes – calling other’s names, winding crowds up with hatred – and murdering them in cold blood.)

And people say how proud they are of the monarchy – and how ‘good’ the legal system is in the UK..

I reckon that’s because ‘the media’ only every airs the voices of the rich, the wealthy, the celebrity and ‘the pretty’ – don’t you?

Thank God for WordPress, & Wiser’s Wiki pages.. (+ Indymedia )

+ + the Eco-Village Network!!  (



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