First Class Post – From A Second Class Citizen

As architectural designers, we are required by planning guidelines, to prepare proposals for our clients which meet the proposed predictions of climate change.
As an environmentalist since the age of eight in the 1960’s, I’ve waited a long time for the planning guidelines to reflect today’s reality – which I’d been trying to prevent by peacefully signing petitions for decades.
About 10 or 11 years ago, when my children were toddlers, I explained about the effects of pollution and asked them if they’d like to help try to get President Bush to join the Climate Debate by including their photographs with my own to Friends of The Earth campaign. They did.
In 2008, when clients wanted to get planning approval for 8 acres of unmanaged woodland, again, I asked my children what they thought. (I wouldn’t get paid money for the job, but would get a plot of my own if I was successful in achieving planning consent for the clients.)
I knew that the project would be long & arduous & they’d all have to go without in order that we could get the opportunity we needed to live sustainably. (Without living sustainably economically, Immigration Rules forbid me living with my husband, and this was our only chance.)
Originally finding I couldn’t get any grant monies to cover all my costs, I thought it would all be ok – as there were grants available once you’d got further with the proposals.
Having battled the opposition as I wend my way around the playing field with no backing team – I finally looked up to score – only to discover that ‘they’d moved the goalposts. (Repeatedly!)
Eventually, I realised it was like a tsunami wave – where all the incoming waves cease, as they are pulled back from the shore – before flooding back in, in the most dramatic wave EVER.
Three years on, I’ve been watching the wave of my own economic dynamics continue to ‘go out’ – and, I’m just praying that the tide turns very soon… before I’m homeless with my three children – just because I care about humanity (especially all Earth’s innocent little children), & understand the effects of pollution on our environment.
(I keep thinking – “If I keep doing the ‘right thing’ – then I can’t possibly be doing ‘the wrong thing'”.)
When I get the opportunity to speak, I find that almost everyone I talk to agrees with my sentiments, the only problem is that the purse strings are held by those who don’t communicate.
Hopefully WordPress will provide the platform I need to connect with everyone else who cares.
As a single grain of sand, we are nothing but an annoyance in someone’s eye.
Together we are deserts, & can stop the cog of autonomous machinery in ITs tracks.
Welcome to the Evolution.

Second Class – because I’m a “WO”man – representing children.


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